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December 15, 2010 / yogasabri

Happy Baby or Dead Bug? Maybe both, and neither????

Something just got me thinking…

Yesterday, toward the end of my personal yoga practice, we went into the Ananda Balasana posture….

For those who are not familiar with it, it is called in English both “Happy Baby” and “Dead Bug”.

So, last night, feeling wonderful after a few shoulder and hip openers, I felt like a very Happy Baby ;-). Today, however, I spent the morning on a dentist chair, and feel more like a Dead Bug :-b

Hence, my question: how can something, essentially the same, have such different connotations, one so positive, the other, not so much?

And that’ when the Sutra popped back into my head (not that it ever left, fyi).

Patanjali explained that many times, an object is not understood for its real nature – rather, it is understood according to the conditions and predispositions of the one who perceived said object. Therefore, the same object can be viewed both pleasant and uncomfortable at the same time. For example, a day of rain can be an obstruction to the surfer, who wants to go ride the waves, but it could be a blessing to the farmer, needing water for the crops. At the same time, a pose, or anything else in life, for that matter, can be perceived as an obstacle or a pleasure.

So, I asked myself: if the nature of the object never changes, but what varies is actually my perspective, why not make an effort to constantly look at things through  the lens of a “Happy Baby”????

We have the power to control the thoughts in our mind; although most of us have an independent, thinking mind [I repeat, most of us – THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS, and I know some of ’em ;-)]  we can practice the type of thoughts that it produces. We can make an effort to react to each negative thought or perception with a positive one.

Soon enough, we might always feel like Happy Babies, rather than Dead Bugs! So, I am giving this little exercise a try. And guess what, I already feel better. Maybe it’s the anesthesia from the dentist, maybe it’s my positive attitude. Either way, I will enjoy it!

Namaste, and love, always,


December 15, 2010 / yogasabri


So, finally I have started a blog. Being the type with much to say, this is probably a good place to be and unleash my writer’s nature.

There is so much I already want to say, but let’s take things slowly…

Those who know me, know that I am a Vinyasa Flow Instructor and Meditation Coach; I made a career switch and gave less priority to my translation work, which kept me on the computer for too many hours a day (and here I am blogging, ah!).

Yoga has become as important as the air I breathe, because it has helped me overcome Binge Eating and Bulimia, which have kept me trapped for about 14 years.

With the love and support of the most wonderful husband (he is taken ladies!!!) and the direction and guidance of my master, Devin Morgan, I have learned about myself, I am on a journey constantly learning to appreciate my nature, and I am now full of excitement for life, ready to share a bit of my joy and life lessons with whomever interested.

I will share with you bits of life, yoga, moments of a diva and moments of dufus…It will be fun, I promise!

So being the first time here, I am keeping it short and sweet. Check back soon, my fingers are already itching to write again!

Namaste, and love, always.