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About Sabrina

I   am a Vinyasa Instructor and Meditation and Breathing Coach.  I received my certification from the Rishi Institute, where I studied under the careful eye of the Director of the Institute, Devin Morgan.

The Rishi Institute is accredited by Yoga Alliance; the “Rishi Method” of Instruction focuses on Foundation, Form and Benefit, providing thus a Yoga practice that is safe, effective, and beneficial to body and mind.

After 14 years of coping with an eating disorder, I started practicing Yoga because I heard that it helps the person become  more mindful of bad habits while providing many health benefits.   At the end of one of my first classes, the instructor said “Thank yourself for doing Yoga today”. That sentence made me realize that I never really thanked myself for anything.

That was the beginning of my Yogic journey. Thanks to the practice, I have begun to learn about myself, about my body and my mind, and I have overcome my long struggle with Bulimia.  As a side effect, my chronic back pain caused by sitting many hours at a computer for work, as well as my scoliosis, have improved drastically.

Yoga has become my passion, and I decided to pursue this art as a career – I feel the obligation to carry on the message – to offer others what Yoga has offered me: a different outlook on life.

I am today a caring and attentive Instructor of Vinyasa Yoga,  a style that synchronizes each movement with the breath.

During a Vinyasa practice, I create a dynamic flow of postures that will elongate and oxygenate the muscles, stimulate metabolism and increase stamina, while regulating blood pressure and improving concentration.

As I have  experienced the many benefits of a regular Yoga practice, I am very enthusiast to share it with others; this blog is sort of a passage way. Reading my thoughts and experiences,  one will know right away if there is a connection, or chemistry. I welcome in my life anyone with purpose, or looking for a purpose.

Come on board, and let’s share this journey together! I am enjoying each step – and each breath-  along the way!


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