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January 31, 2011 / yogasabri

The Story behind the Pose. Warrior.

I recently dedicated one of my classes to a special little girl; her name is Daniella and she is fighting for her life. Daniella is a little toddler who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. For the past several months, she has undergone aggressive chemotherapy, and is now receiving bone marrow transplant.

Daniella needs blood, and in just a couple of days, there will be a blood drive. Please see all the info at the end of this blog article. You can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Even if you are not a match, the blood gets swapped with a matching one. Please donate if you can. Daniella deserves a chance at life.

So, as I was thinking about what I wanted to share with my students this past Saturday, Daniella was constantly on my mind. And I didn’t try to stop thinking about it. Her life, her experience, her suffering and her resilience ought to be pondered and considered.

Suddenly it dawned on me that she, albeit her age, is a warrior.  I started reflecting on what it means to be a warrior.

In Yoga, each Warrior posture seems to have a powerful, yet peaceful image.  Warrior postures bring the focus on building strength, and on fighting the urges to give in to our weaknesses. Warriors teach us to find balance and strength in our own legs.

A warrior is not a soldier. A warrior is not a fighter. A warrior doesn’t fight because of  an impulse, of a reaction.  A warrior is someone who looks inside for the strength and wisdom to transcend all that is painful. The fight is not with others, rather, it is with the side of one’s self that refuses to be controlled or that wants to give up. Sometimes, being a warrior means to keep hope when there seems to be none; to keep fighting the unfairness of destiny, to hold on to life and refuse to let go.

As I looked at my students in a Warrior posture, I asked them to think about what it means to be a Warrior. Sometimes it could mean something as easy as fighting the urge to sit down when a posture is too tiring. Sometimes, it means to take the determination and focus we learn in our practice and use it in our daily lives, with their  trials and tribulations.

Just as we learn to use our breath to help us in difficult postures, just as we focus on this breath to leave little space for our mind to play tricks on us, just as we focus on our posture to fend off distractions, so, in life, we can focus on our stance, mind, breath and strength to face obstacles. We must look for our strength, when all we see is weakness. We all have this strength. It’s human nature to have it.

So, each time I am in a Warrior posture, I allow my mind for a few moments to wander off and think about Daniella. I hope from the bottom of my heart that she will keep holding on. I hope she will keep having this strength. And I hope that everyone who reads this post can find it in their heart to make time for something so important. What happened to Daniella and her family could happen to anyone. Each moment we are granted on this earth is a gift. It’s up to us to make it count.

Namaste, and love, always.



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