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January 4, 2011 / yogasabri

Out with 2010, in with…now!

Another year over, a new one just begun. How many of us have been hearing Lennon’s lyrics in the back of our head?  It seems to me the holidays have come and gone. And the new year just showed up, one can say, almost, unexpectedly.

So, I was not ready with my resolutions. I had not thought deeply about the personal-impossible to achieve-laundry list of goals that I set myself up to fail so very often year after year.  But as I tried to think about my resolutions, I realized something: I am not that person anymore. I am no longer the person who makes countless resolutions and forgets them a couple of weeks later.

Personally, my yogic journey has taught me to be present, in this very moment. We often do not realize that the only moment in time that we can truly control is now. As the past is gone, there is absolutely nothing we can do to change it, and the future is yet to come, so, rather than expecting myself to make countless radical changes in the future, which is not realistic, I will just focus on making small changes today, now.

Let’s assume  that the resolution is to save money this year – for example,  a person wants to save $ 10,000. Chances are, along the year, he/she sees how difficult it is to save such a big sum, as bills and expenses come along, and the individual will give up pretty soon.   Let’s say that this same person focuses on each time he or she is handling money. Perhaps,  this person puts a dollar on the side each and every time he handles money through the day – no unrealistic goals, no expectations.

Most likely, at the end of the day, there will be a nice amount on the side, and it will be kind of a nice surprise. Now, I am not saying that at the end of the year there will be 10K saved up. But there will be a sum. And when one expects nothing, a sum, even a small one, is a nice surprise. Also, if this same person tried to keep up with an unrealistic resolution, it is very likely that there would be no sum at all at the end of the year, since most people give up their resolutions pretty soon after making them. So, what I am saying is, a small sum is better than no sum.

By being faithful to this moment in time, by making the best of it,  I actually don’t even need resolutions that are so far fetched – changes happen as an evolution. And I am learning about myself along the way.

So, my advice,  is not to be mindless about what your future will be. If anything, I am suggesting the very opposite. I am suggesting to own this moment.  Our dedication to live this moment is setting the foundation for a better future. Our future is the home of all our experiences to come, and we need to create a solid foundation for it now.

In conclusion, my dear friends, I wish you a happy new year. Most of all, I wish you a happy new NOW.

Namaste, and love, always.


Mahatma Gandhi

“The future depends on what you do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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