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December 21, 2010 / yogasabri

Let’s take the I’s out of gIvIng!!

Last time I shared some tips about reducing the stress of the holiday season. True, I remind, that during this time a year we focus mostly on purchasing gifts for loved ones; stress is just the side order of our planning, budget limitations and of not knowing if our gift will delight the receiver.

We often say that it’s the thought that counts, but do we really believe it when the eyes sparkle just at the thought of a new piece of jewelry, a new pair of heels, the newest I-POD-PAD-PHONE-ETC and what ever else we wrote Santa about?

In reality, we give with the same generosity that we expect. There is a certain pleasure in giving, in letting others know that we care. But our times and environment program us to expect, to want, wish, desire. So, on that festive day of giving, we cannot help ourselves but expect something in return. That’s just how it is. No blame here, I am part of this game.

I wish everyone to enjoy each and every gift,  but I ask to just stop and reflect on a few data:

On any given night, there are over 90,000 homeless people in the City of Los Angeles.

In average, 10,000 are children.

20% are veterans.

30-50% are women.

An estimated 20% are physically disabled.

41% of adults were employed last year.

48%  are high-school graduates.

Fortune, like everything else in life, changes according with the observer. We might consider fortunate those who do not look at a price tag while shopping, those who will receive everything they want for the holidays, or maybe those who can take time from work and take a trip somewhere. Yes, indeed, these are perks in life. But if the observer is the one without a home, without a blanket in this rain, without a sense of hope for tomorrow, and just the desperation for a meal, then we appear  fortunate. And so we should appear when WE are the observers.

In times of trials and tribulations it is difficult to count our blessings – I just ask that for once we keep a perspective. This is why, on Thursday, the 23rd of December, I will donate food to homeless shelters in the San Fernando Valley and other areas of Los Angeles County. I ask you to consider doing something, even a little gesture. People are hungry. Please, make this a true season of giving.

I wish to thank those who have generously donated food for my cause.  Your actions made a difference.

Happy Holidays everyone, count your blessings.

Namaste, and love, always.


They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing

Hindu Proverb


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