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December 18, 2010 / yogasabri

Wellness doesn’t come with a bow.

This the season to be … STRESSED!

Did we remember everyone? Will they like their gift? Is it the right size?  Did I just burn 2 months of salary???

These questions are probably just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, we want to feel the joy of giving, show our love to our dear ones, but it all comes at an expensive price: STRESS!

Most often, the one we forget during this time a year, is the SELF. We are so busy, running around, searching for the perfect gift, the perfect card, wrapping paper, bow, and what not…all this, because we want to make the experience of receiving a gift as special as possible. So, here I ponder: why, oh why, when it comes to us, we do not invest as much attention and care?

Bottom line is, the happiness of giving will not make up for all the trips around town carrying 20 lbs of shopping bags, if at the end of it all, we are exhausted and burned out. Hey, Santa wouldn’t make it on his own, don’t forget! He’s got an army of helpers for a reason!

So, I make it a point during the holidays to slow down, in the midst of the chaos, and BREATHE. Sounds crazy enough, but the trick does it. See, when we are stressed, we do not breathe properly. We tend to breath with our chest , rather than the belly, creating that sense of anxiety and pressure that tells the body to produce adrenaline.  It’s no surprise that during the holiday season we gain weight! Yes, yes, I know, we are a bit more “generous” with the portions, been there, done that! But also, stress produces Cortisol, the stress hormone. This monster is the main cause of storage of fat around the waist.

As we breathe deeply, engaging our belly, we lower our blood pressure and send more oxygen to our organs. It’s proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and as the mind slows down, the thinking becomes clearer (therefore, you might think about it twice before you purchase something for your aunt neighbor’s cousin!!!)

So, while we all love the sparkles this time a year, let’s remember to breathe…After all, you are the only one in this entire Universe who can give you the most important gift of them all: Well being.

Happy Holidays, Namaste and Love, always.



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