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December 17, 2010 / yogasabri

Oh ginger, what art thou???

It has been an active day. To say the least. In between errands, I walked almost 6 miles in the morning, practice Yoga, of course, and even took a Zumba class. Imagine my poor muscles at the end of the day.

Needless  to say, those babies needed some R&R   – so, I filled my  tub with hot water, took a ginger root (YES, a ginger root!!), cut it up in pieces and dove right in the wonderful concoction.

Yes, my friends, because this wonderful root, also known as Zingiber Officinale (I just had to show off!) is a natural, wonderful, super-powerful anti-inflammatory – in fact, scientists have compared its effects to those of anti-inflammatory drugs. After a work out, the strenuous holiday shopping, or whatever else might get you just a bit too, what’s the word, pooped  by the end of the day, try this wonderful ritual and you will feel just like new in no time.

I prefer to cut up the root into big chunks, so I don’t need to worry that it might go down the drain.

So, during the holiday season, you hear ginger this, ginger that, but now, you can use this incredible little natural friend for your wellness, not just to delight the tummy with gingerbread cookies and ginger-venty-soy-mocha-something-something!!

I will keep it short today… I don’t wanna take time away  from your lovely ginger-soaked baths!

Namaste, and love, always!



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